Sunday, August 12, 2018

New Make Up Air PTAC Units Are In Demand

Designed to help the hospitality industry meet demanding building code regulations, Makeup PTAC models or also called Fresh Air PTACs units bring fresh, conditioned air into the room, potentially reducing overall building construction costs for property owners. The new PTACs perfectly fit a standard 42" x 16" wall sleeve and comes with a factory-installed makeup air module—a secondary system that continuously provides outdoor air with an adjustable intake of 25–50 CFM2.

Both Friedrich and GE have introduced their new "Makeup Air" PTAC units earlier this year and right out of the gate they have received a lot of attention from the building industry who now require these units be installed to meet the new building codes.

The GE Zoneline Makeup Air PTAC is system-tested. GE is the only PTAC manufacturer that provides a warranty for both the PTAC and its makeup air system. Leading the industry with innovative features, GE’s system includes an industry-first design with an automatic vent door which can interact with optional occupancy-sensing technology. This design can save energy and money by running the makeup air system only when needed, while allowing the PTAC system to operate independently and efficiently.

New Zoneline Makeup Air PTACs also dehumidify incoming air when relative humidity levels exceed 55 percent. For many hotel operators, makeup air through the PTAC can be a cost-effective alternative by supplementing rooftop air conditioners, and it can be a simple way to lower the construction cost of new builds.

Friedrich's new FreshAire series offer many features as well including:

Two models, widest range in the industry

Variable speed technology gives owners the flexibility of a full line of PTACS with only two models, and offers the highest available capacity of any 42 x16 PTAC on the market at over 17,000 BTUs.

True make-up air capability

No more makeshift solutions to achieve MUA. Only the FreshAire PTAC truly meets ASHRAE 62.1-2013 requirements, delivering 35 CFM of conditioned, MERV 8 filtered make-up air.

Advanced inverter technology

Advantages of an inverter compressor include improved dehumidification, better efficiency during part load hours of cooling and heating, and reduced temperature swings.

Smoothest PTAC sound

The variable-speed operation of the Freshaire PTAC allows the unit to work at the optimal speed to match the true load of the room. This not only provides the best energy consumption curve but also adds to guest comfort by eliminating the harsh start-ups associated with single speed compressors. 

Watch Friedrich FreshAire PTAC Video:

Watch GE Makeup Air PTAC Video:

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The new line of GE and Friedrich Make Up Air PTACS are now available for purchase through RoomAire Supply & Solutions. Visit to learn more about these models and to receive a free quote.