Sunday, April 30, 2017

Vertical PTACs Are Becoming More Popular Than Ever

Vertical PTACs or otherwise referred to as "VTAC" are PTACs which are well. Vertical. They pretty much do everything a conventional PTAC does except for the fact you don't see it. VTACs  are designed to be hidden away in a closet or behind a wall. Much like a PTAC it still vents to the exterior wall of the building but it is controlled by a wall thermostat rather than the unit mounted controls found on most standard PTACs. What  mostly seperates the VTAC from a PTAC is the fact that you can use one unit to service the heating and cooling needs of more than just one room. A hotel suite would be a prime example. By placing the unit in a closet you can vent the unit to one or multiple rooms using typical air registers installed in the wall just like you would find in your home that uses a central AC system. A small duct is used to send the air flow to each room. In essence one VTAC unit can replace the need for multiple PTACs and lower your installation cost because you would not need to cut a wall opening in every room. Many architects, builders and HVAC contractors specify VTACs in their building plans these days not only for hotels but you will also see them being used in newly built senior living facilities as well. VTAC units come in a range of BTU sizes from as low as 9,000 BTU's to 24,000 BTU's. They can also be configured with many different electric heater options from as low as 2 kw electric heat to as high as 10 kw or you can purchase them with no electric heat. A Heat Pump model is also available. VTACs  can run on both 230/208 Voltage or 265/277 Voltage. A typical VTAC installation would include the VTAC unit itself along with a wall plenum, interior access panel, exterior grille, drain kit and of course a wall thermostat which can be either wired, wire-less or a sophisticated energy management thermostat system which is controlled by room occupancy based motion sensors.

A Typical Layout Design Of All VTAC Components
A Finished Room After VTAC is Installed

There are several VTAC manufacturers including Friedrich, GE and more. You must take the time to carefully consider which manufacturer will offer you the best quality product and support because unlike conventional PTAC units VTAC units can not be retrofitted with another brand. The chassis dimensions are not the same and may not match up to your existing unit.  Another factor is planning ahead. Most VTAC manufacturers do not stock these units because there are so many different configuration sizes. They are usually built to order with long lead times which could range from 6-12 weeks in some cases. 

If you would like to learn more about VTACs or purchase them for your upcoming project please contact your RoomAire representative at (800) 891-4729 or email


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