Sunday, May 15, 2016

Energy Saving Ideas Show Great Interest At NJ Cooperator Expo

On Wednesday May 11, 2016, many Condo, Co-op and HOA Property Managers and Board Members came down to the NJ Cooperator Expo held at the Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus NJ to see and learn about the latest products and services available in the multi-family housing industry. With over 300 exhibitors on hand there was plenty for them to see. This was the third time in the last four years my company had exhibited at this show. Last year the show was on Saturday and I couldn't attend because of my nephew's college graduation at the University Of Massachusetts.

The show floor opened up at 10am and the attendees started to roll in at a pretty steady flow. I was happy to see the turnout was good because this year we have so many new and exciting products and solutions that I was anxious to talk about. The vendor in my aisle giving away ice cream cones seemed to be a big draw at first. I am not exactly sure what they were selling but they sure did bring a lot of ice cream with them. I think I counted about 200+  ice cream cones passing by my booth at some point before I lost count of it. It sure did look yummy. But getting back to a more serious point I did notice something at this show which was different from the past shows. What was it you ask? It was questions such as these:

1) How can we save on the high cost of energy?
2) Are your products wi-fi or wireless compatible?
3) Are there any energy incentive rebates available?
4) Do you offer any group discounts for our building home owners?       

It was questions like those which proved to me that saving energy and saving money is now more important than ever for home owners especially those who live in an apartment, condo or co-op who do not have as many options available to them as single family home owners. Many people I spoke to were happy to hear that there are now several ways my company can help them reduce their year round heating and cooling costs. For example I showed them our brand new wall mounted PTAC thermostat which is completely wireless and can be self installed in a matter of 10 minutes. I explained to them why having a wall thermostat to operate your PTAC unit is a necessity because it can help reduce your heating/cooling costs by as much as 40%. I asked them how much they would be willing to pay for something one time which would reduce their cost by that much. The answers varied from as low as $300 to $1000. When I told them how about $125. They were left absolutely speechless. I probably should of brought more order forms with me. 

While my company RoomAire has been successfully supplying replacement PTAC equipment and other services to many NJ apartment, condo's and co-ops over the years I realize there are many who still do not know much about us or even who we are. If you are one of them I welcome you to give me a call directly at (631) 940-8787 and let me tell you what makes us so different and what we do which no one else can match. It's worth the call to save money. Right?   

If you like my blog please sign up on my mailing list. I am not always looking to sell you something that I promise. I really enjoy passing on information which is free and helpful whether you are a property manager, board member or individual apartment/condo owner. After 26 years in this business I consider myself an expert in this field. Please allow me and my company RoomAire to be your "go to source" when it comes to your specialty heating and cooling needs.

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