Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New HVAC Technology Offer More Options Than Ever Before

Just arrived back from the largest Air Conditioning show in the world. The show is called the AHR Expo and this year it was held in Orlando Florida. Just about every manufacturer out of China and other countries who build air conditioners exhibited their latest and greatest line of equipment. I was amazed by the huge turnout of both exhibiting companies and attendees. If you are a player in the HVAC industry this show is a must see. The show runs 3 days long and it still may not be long enough to see everything.

The HVAC/Air Conditioner industry is changing rapidly. New technology is now available for both residential and commercial markets which provides much higher energy efficient  equipment than ever before. The new trend in the hospitality industry for example is a technology known as VRF which stands Variable Refrigerant Flow. This technology was introduced as a system to minimize efficiency losses found in conventional HVAC systems and provide sustainable energy benefits. An air source VRF system is engineered to minimize or use no ductwork as a saving, save on the cost of large distribution fans, multiple water pumps operation and water piping. Energy efficient and easy to design, install, and maintain, a VRF system has the lowest life cycle cost of any system on the market today. More hotel developers today are looking at VRF options in their design and build plans to make their hotel properties not only extremely efficient but better yet take advantage of many incentive rebate programs available to them.

The show also displayed hundreds of companies that manufacturer duct free air conditioners. Duct free air conditioners include PTACs which stand for packaged terminal air conditioners most commonly used in hotels, assisted living and apartments as well as mini split ductless air conditioners. Mini split ductless air conditioners are becoming very popular today because of their no duct needed simple installation process and high efficiency. A ductless mini split uses just one outdoor unit that is connected to up to as many as 6 indoor units. Only a 3 inch diameter hole in cut in the wall behind the room unit to run the electrical wire and copper line making it an easy install for just about any application. 

Many of these new AC systems will be available in 2016 and can be purchased at Feel free to contact a product expert for more details.



  1. AHR expo at Florida was superb and introduced technologies were up to date. I do like the Chinese contribution and their innovative line of equipment. cosaf

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