Friday, September 4, 2015

Energy Saving Tips This Fall Season


The searing heat from the summer sun may be fading into the distance, but even as cooler whether beckons and sky-high air conditioning costs diminish, saving energy should be a priority this fall. Check out these energy saving tips to cut back on your energy bill this season.

  1. Take advantage of nice weather
  2. One of the best things about fall is how nice the weather is outside, especially early on in the season. Temperatures are typically moderate – not too hot or too cold. So take advantage of the weather while you can. Open your windows to let in cool, crisp air instead of running your air conditioner. You will not only save money on cooling costs, but get some fresh air too!
  3. Prepare your home for chillier days
  4. As fall makes way for winter and outside temperatures drop, you’re likely to want to turn up the heat in your home. However, making sure your home is prepared to utilize the warmer air efficiently can go a long way toward energy savings on your monthly bill. Caulk around windows and doors to seal any air leaks that might cause a draft, schedule maintenance on your heating system to make sure it’s working properly and add insulation to your attic, if needed, to keep the warm air in.
  5. Light your home for free
  6. In the summertime, leaving your blinds and curtains open leaves you at risk of the sun heating your home, which can increase air conditioning costs. But in the fall, the sunshine is not nearly as hot. Instead, opening the window coverings can provide your home with ample natural sunlight, allowing you to cut back on lighting costs.
  7. Replace furnace filters
  8. If you have a furnace, make sure you replace the filter once a month during the heating season. If your filter is dirty, it will restrict air flow and cause a decline in energy efficiency. Ultimately, the lack of efficiency could raise your heating costs. Swapping out the filter for a clean one is an easy way to see a little energy savings this fall.
  9. Manage your thermostat
  10. On chilly days, it’s easy to walk over to your thermostat and turn it up to a more comfortable temperature. But the Department of Energy recommends you set your thermostat to 68 degrees during the colder months to maximize efficiency. If you want to save energy, grab a sweater or a blanket to warm up instead of touching the thermostat. For even more energy savings, turn your heat down even more when you’re not home. According to the DOE, turning back your thermostat 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours can save you 5 to 15 percent on your heating bill each year.
  11. Turn your water heater down
  12. A nice warm shower can be nice and relaxing at the end of the cold day. But if your hot water heater is turned up too high, you could be wasting energy. Make sure your hot water heater is set at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. For most households the temperature provides plenty of hot water and reduces energy costs associated with water heating. For smaller households, you might even be able to turn the temperature down even more without losing any comfort.


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