Saturday, July 13, 2013

Clean Hotel Room Air Conditioners Mean Satisfied Hotel Guests

As a frequent traveler there is something I just cannot resist doing. First I check into the hotel and I am given my room key card. I insert the room key card into the door lock, open the door and that is when it happens. My eyes immediately target in on the guest room air conditioner. When most guests probably notice the bed or the furniture first, for me it's the room air conditioner. I believe it has a lot to do with the fact that is how I make my living. As a supplier of guest room air conditioners or otherwise known as PTACs this to me is the most important item in the guest room. OK, sure I want a comfortable bed and a clean room, but if the room has an odor or is too hot or too cold this will override everything else. If you checkout many of the hotel review sites such as you will find most guests giving a hotel negative feedback for rooms which are not well air conditioned . Many hotel chains do recognize this and they take the necessary steps to ensure their guest rooms are well air conditioned. Unfortunately most do not.

Hotels today spend thousands of dollars in updating their guest rooms with beautiful furniture, comfy beds, big screen TV's and lavish bathrooms but yet they tend to overlook something which is much more important and that is making sure the guest room is properly air conditioned. I am not saying that it is imperative to purchase the latest, state of the art PTAC unit. Many older PTACs will do the job well so long as they are well maintained. The first thing I do when I check into my hotel room is check the filters. I cannot tell you how much dirt and dust I see over and over again even in the 4 or 5 star hotels. It amazes me that housekeepers are not trained to clean these filters on a regular basis. It takes less than a minute yet it is hardly ever done. Imagine sipping soda through a clogged straw. Having a clogged air filter is no different. The air will not pass through it and whatever air does you can bet will be dirty air. Dirty air filters are a disaster and not only make the air conditioners inefficient, they can also cause compressor failure meaning the hotel will need to replace their air conditioners much sooner. For the hotel guest it means an uncomfortable room and a unsatisfied guest.

There are 2 basic things hotels MUST do to keep their guest room PTAC or room air conditioners clean air free and running at optimal performance:

1) Train your housekeeping staff to Check & Clean the air conditioner filters on a daily basis.

2) Have all your PTACs or room air conditioners "professionally" cleaned by a service company that have the proper steam clean equipment and detergents to ensure the air conditioner indoor and outdoor coils are free of any dirt or particles. This should be done at least once or twice a year. For more details about this service please visit

I will continue to check out those air conditioners in my frequent travels and I hope to see more hotels become more aware of how important it means to keep them running clean not only for me but for the thousands of hotel guests that check into those same rooms each and every day.


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  2. I agree that having a good air conditioner can effect a guest's hotel stay. I wouldn't be comfortable in a hot room, that's for sure. It is important for hotels to have their air conditioning frequently repaired and/or checked for maintenance on a regular schedule. This will ensure that they are always working properly and guests will enjoy their stay in cool rooms.

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