Friday, October 12, 2012

PTACs Have Gone Wireless

There is no doubt we are in a wireless age. From computers to smart phones and printers just about everything is wireless today. Wireless technology has now even made it's way to air conditioners with new smart phone aps that actually allows you to control your AC unit from anywhere in the world.  The PTAC unit has always been a rare breed. Most PTAC manufacturers do not include a hand held remote control with their units. Throughout the years most PTACs used in hotel guest rooms were controlled directly by the on board knobs and more recently by the on board electronic LED controls. Even though a wired wall thermostat has always been available many hoteliers opted not to purchase them for various reasons but mostly because since they are wired, in order to install them meant running wires behind the walls from the wall thermostat to the PTAC unit which in many cases presented a challenge especially in older buildings. Over the last couple of years many PTAC manufacturers and third party companies have introduced a wireless digital wall thermostat product which can be easily installed into just about application.  Using a wall thermostat to operate the PTAC unit  has many advantages. The main advantage being that since the wall thermostat is placed in a location within the room itself or by the door way it will allow for a more accurate temperature reading of the room so that the PTAC will adjust itself accordingly rather than reading the temperature from the PTAC location which is usually by the window or exterior wall which may not always be accurate. This in turn will reduce energy costs for the hotel, facility or home owner. One such wireless thermostat model is the T9000.The T9000 Wireless Thermostat now available at is capable of working with all late model PTAC brands. When you order the T9000 you will receive the digital wall thermostat and a required module which easily installs inside the PTAC unit. The T9000 can be used simply as "stand alone" wall thermostat or can be expanded into a complete energy management system for complete control of multiple units from a central location. For more details about the T9000 Wireless Thermostat Kit please contact your account representative.  

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