Tuesday, February 8, 2011

LG Introduces New Energy Efficient Products

LG Electronics, a worldwide award-winning HVAC solutions provider, today announced new energy efficient products designed to grow the company's U.S. commercial and residential HVAC business.
LG has been investing in the U.S. HVAC market for over a decade, delivering award-winning heating and cooling products and training industry professionals at LG's Commercial Air Conditioning (CAC) training academies. This week at the International Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration (AHR) Expo in Las Vegas (booth# 3506) LG is introducing valuable additions to its Multi-V and PTAC lines, as well as new high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rated (SEER) models for residential and light commercial applications.
"LG Electronics is one of the world's largest producers of air conditioners, and here in the United States we are building on this global leadership position, continuing to grow the business," said Kevin McNamara, vice president, Commercial Air Conditioning, LG Electronics USA, Inc. "This week we are introducing higher efficiency heating and cooling solutions that blend effortlessly into a wide range of commercial and residential environments."
Energy Efficient Climate Control
Best known for its advanced duct-free systems, LG's commercial air conditioning products provide innovative and energy efficient climate control solutions. Expanding the company's line of energy efficient products, LG is showcasing four new high SEER ART Cool Mirror models. These models range in efficiency from 18.9 SEER to 20 SEER and allow LG to qualify for the Federal Energy Efficiency Tax benefit.
Also on display this week in the LG booth is the company's expanded line of Multi-V commercial systems and Flex Multi residential/light commercial products. For commercial businesses seeking to reduce energy consumption, LG is showcasing its Multi-V system, which offers a cost-efficient solution with Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology to ensure comfort. VRF refers to the system that controls the amount of refrigerant flowing to each evaporator of the indoor unit. Indoor evaporators are available for different capacity, configuration and individualized comfort control.
LG offers Multi-V systems that can provide simultaneous heating and cooling in different zones. With this system, commercial businesses have control of temperature zoning to avoid expending unnecessary energy in unoccupied rooms. Additions to the Multi-V line include LG's Vertical Air Handling unit and Multi-V Water.
The LG ART Cool series of products combines artful air conditioning and climate control for an all-in-one solution that is stylish as well as functional. This week LG is showcasing its latest enhancements to the ART Cool Mirror series with new High SEER ratings and design.
The new ART Cool Mirror Single Split line features a slim rectangular wall-mounted interior evaporator with a one-way air flow system. The duct-free ART Cool Mirror Single Split is enhanced for easier installation; this includes installation support clips that allow for 25 degrees of separation from the wall without detaching the unit. A detachable bottom cover makes installation possible without having to dissemble or support the unit, this also allows for easier access to the unit's electrical wiring. The 2011 models also include a 45 percent wider cavity* for piping, allowing for easier installation. Available in a variety of custom finishes, the ART Cool Mirror Inverter line can be fit to enhance any room's decor.
*Increase measured against conventional inverter units.
LG is also expanding its PTAC line. Enhancing previous models, the 2011 PTAC line includes 7,000 BTU heat/cool and heat pump units with a heater size of 3.5Kw, as well as 15,000 BTU heat/cool and heat pump units with a heater size of 5Kw.

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